At the 2009 Las Vegas SEMA show, Chevrolet introduced their ZR2 Concept pickup truck.  This truck is tricked out for off-road capability with all wheel drive and a tricked out suspension.  Weight savings improves performance and the designers turned to carbon fiber composites.

Exterior body panels were improved by saving weight by using carbon fiber.  These panels include the hood, fenders, tailgate, grille, fascias, fender flares, and rocker panels.  The hood and tailgate have used clear-coated carbon fiber to show the weave and give an interesting two-tone look to the vehicle.

The interior is also reported to use carbon fiber in the dash and the door panels.

It is unknown whether this concept vehicle goes into production, but certain elements are certainly becoming mainstream.  Aftermarket carbon fiber parts have been popular for years especially on tuner cars.  This may catch on for mainstream OEM production.  Carbon fiber parts save weight, do not corrode, do not dent, and do not require pigmented paint.