Repairs to boats can be difficult to perform yourself. There are many considerations that must be made when performing fiberglass repair on boat hulls and decks. Structural integrity must be returned to the laminate to prevent failure of the repair. Boats must also retain their neutral buoyancy, so that the repaired side must weigh the same as the original side of the boat.

Cosmetics are also important.

The surface must be smooth and color matched. This can present several difficulties as gelcoat and paint fade under the UV sunlight. Custom matching must take place.

The materials and practices used to perform repairs may also be detrimental to health and safety, unless proper precautions are made. Protecting your eyes, ears, and skin is important and easily accomplished. Many of the materials have health side effects if used improperly. Excessive exposures are rare, but can prove deadly.

Good practice and training is the best solution to a good repair. That is why it is important to consider hiring an experienced and talented professional to perform any repairs on your treasured boat. Whether it is a powerboat, yacht, sailboat, or ship, qualified and experienced professionals can perform repairs easier, quicker, and cheaper than most novice people.

These experienced professionals can be found via word of mouth, yellow pages, or Internet search.