Automotive Application: Pickup Box

Fiberglass Composites have been used for ages in the automotive industry. There are advantages to doing this, including corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and weight savings. Toyota pickup trucks from the late 1980’s were made with steel sheetmetal beds that are very rust-prone in winter climates, especially those with salted roads. The response was to use a material that did not rust–fiberglass!

Toyota Pickup Box

Toyota Pickup Box

This Toyota pickup box has fiberglass sides to eliminate the corrosion problem. The floor and front bulkhead are steel, as well as the missing tailgate. Using composite surely eliminated the rust problems associated with these vehicles, especially since it was used in the most apparent cosmetic areas that are most visible.

This pickup bed is not on a truck, because the frames of these trucks were also extremely rust-prone as well.

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