A composite product that I have worked with in the past is fiberglass grating.  Made of composite fiberglass and resin, this material is used as a flooring and walkway material in many applications, and especially for industrial corrosive environments.  It may also be used for things like waterfront docks and car washes.

Fiberglass Grating

Fiberglass Grating

I photographed a piece in the standing position, but normally

it is laid flat as a walking surface.  This walking surface may be suspended over equipment or placed directly on floors where walking hazards are present.  This material is non conductive and non magnetic, very durable and very stable.

The grating is available in several resin forms for varying degrees of cost and performance suitabilities.  It can be cut with sawzalls and circular saws and should be held in place with bolts or brackets.  Like most composites, it is very impact resistant compared to other materials.  It does have its limits, however, and should be inspected on a regular basis for cracks and deterioration.

The fiberglass grating is available from several manufacturers in different colors, thicknesses, resin formats, colors, and structural properties.  Like many other composites products, there are lots of variables to consider and lots of solutions available.  The nature of composites allows for custom and specific solutions to meet the needs of the end user.