One of the press releases I recently came across discussed the commercial release of Polypropylene fiber for use as a reinforcement in composites. The one I saw is sold under the trade name Innegra S Fiber by Innegrity LLC.

Polypropylene”s low density is a huge weight advantage, especially as compared to glass.  Measured at 0.84 grams per cubic centimeter, it can be compared to glass which is at 2.55 grams per cubic centimeter, Kevlar (aramid) which is 1.44 grams per cubic centimeter, Carbon which is 1.76 grams per cubic centimeter, and UHMWPE which is 0.97 grams per cubic centimeter.

This material exhibits high toughness, which will make it great as a potential replacement for aramid reinforcements in applications such as bulletproof vests and mass transit.  The low cost of polypropylene and its huge cost benefits because it is more of a commodity material will bring it into many new applications.  It will be exciting to see new materials like this find commonplace usage and application.