Fiberglass Truck Toppers

One of the composite applications that has been around for many years is fiberglass truck toppers.  Styles and trends have changed, but there is still a level of usefulness and utility associated with this application.  Besides being dent resistant, lightweight, and strong; the fiberglass will not rust or rot.  It does, however require maintenance and upkeep for maximum aesthetics.

An example of a truck topper that has been left to the Michigan weather for at least ten years.

fiberglass topper composite resin

Fiberglass Truck Topper extremely weathered

This truck topper could very easily be returned to good working order.  Some sandpaper and paint could fix this topper up to as good as new condition.  It is still very structurally sound, and the only aging affect has been on the surface which got a little funky with mold and mildew.

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  1. Nick

    My Sungtop blew off the back of my truck and in the process a six to eight inch tear developed at the corner where the rear door transitions from the roof to the side. Will a fiberglass or epoxy repair be strong enough to return the top to its original durability? Any suggestions?

  2. admin

    If it is a fiberglass topper, it can be repaired with either fiberglass or epoxy. It will require appropriate materials and techniques for a proper repair, especially to ensure structural integrity.

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