One of the most confusing parts of the glass reinforcement is the identification of the specific materials. They have various nomenclature depending upon the manufacturer of the matting, and sometimes depending upon the customer and application as well.

These glass products all come on rolls of various widths and lengths, again depending upon manufacturer and customer, but pricing may be affected for specialized sizes. Wholesale fiberglass is sold by weight as opposed to yardage or square footage or anything else. Retail fiberglass is sometimes sold by the package or area depending upon the seller.

The nonwoven mats, such as Continuous Filament Mat and Chopped Strand Mat, are measured in ounces per square foot. The common weights are 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 ounces per square foot.

The woven mats are measured in ounces per square yard. A traditional DBM1708 is composed as a double bias woven in the +/-45 direction weighing 17 oz/sq yard and stitched to a 3/4 oz Chopped Strand Mat, which would come to a real total weight of around 24 oz per sq. yard.

There are also different types of glass. E glass is the base, general purpose, high volume workhorse glass fiber formulation. The S glass is a high tensile strength glass that is more expensive but has greater physical properties. C glass exists to be used in applications where high chemical resistance is important. These are the main classification types of glass fibers.