One of the other synergies of FRP composites is its use as a reinforcement behind thermoplastic decorative skin layers. A thermoformed ABS or ABS blend plastic is made as the surface of the part. Then it can be reinforced on the backside with fiberglass construction. Vinylester and ABS resins adhere very well with each other and create a strong bond. The FRP will then provide all of the strength and support that it is designed for, while the thermoplastic skin is more damage and impact resistant than gelcoat.

My experience leads me to think that the largest use of this technology is in bathtub and hot tub applications. High volume manufacturers can setup to make large numbers of thin thermoplastic skins. These are then setup on holding jigs to keep their shape while fiberglass resin and reinforcement is used to permanently lock the shape together. This method allows for nicer surface finishes, can save cost depending upon volume, allows for fewer cracking issues, and can offer different coloring effects.